5 Self-Care Apps To Stay Balanced During COVID-19


Right now, it’s especially important to care for the whole you. Whether you’re looking for help with sleep, stress, or relationships, there are many digital tools for your mental health and wellness.

Headspace You can listen to a general guided meditation under their Basic meditations or choose one that’s more specific, such as Sleep or Relationships.

Shine  For those looking for daily motivational texts and a big selection of self-improvement audio.

Calm One of my favorites for calm in all senses of the word. You’ll learn how to master your breathing and reduce stress and anxiety.

Breathing Zone If you need help focusing on your breathing — which can help decrease your anxiety, this app leads the way.

Happify Helps you out by reducing stress and helping you manage negative thoughts.

What to know for the near future

We will return to work, school, shopping, museums, concerts, parties, galas, traveling and everything in between. It’s only a when time. But for sure, everyone will have a period of adjustment economically. Some of the new normal include:

-A permanent change in purchase behavior is not guaranteed – but marketers need to be alert to an expedited shift to e-commerce.

-New digital services introduced to cope with the crisis may have longevity like telehealth and video conferencing.