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From the first time I drink the tea I noticed a difference immediately...I will take this tea for the rest of my life if I have to thank you so much

Loretta B Taylor

I started menopause just before age 52 and had mild hot flashes and night sweats, vaginal dryness..could have had brain fog and fatigue but those could be from anything. So went to ob/gyn who put me on low dose HRT..estradial patches and progesterone. Was on it for a year and it helped..no issues..but when my old ob/gyn left the practice and the new NP told me to immediately stop HRT due to a blood clot over 20 years ago from BCP. My ob/gyn specifically put me on patches because of it, but she wasn't happy about it..so she had me taper off. I had already purchased some HF tea after "meeting" Denise. She recommended I drink one a day for now as I tapered off and see if it prevent any symptoms from coming back again. I have been off HRT now for over a month and drinking one a day. So far it has helped though I am seeing if I am getting hot flashes back this last week or it is just because I moved to a warmer climate and that is the issue. But I prefer a more natural approach and need to get some more advice on long term, but I will be drinking this tea daily for now and see if I need more!

Patty Ross

I love this tea! In addition to decreasing the intensity and frequency of my flashes, I feel sharper and more focused! I did not realize how much hot flashes were impacting my mental sharpness and disposition until I started drinking this tea. One cup in the morning with breakfast and another mid afternoon is really working for me! Thank you Tea Botanics!

Lauren Vassell