Our Science

We follow a five-point, doctor-inspired process that puts every aspect that contributes to the perfect tea under a microscope.

This ensures you always get the best formulation and highest quality tea.

How Hot Flash Tea Works

Hot Flash Tea™is a phytonutrient that your mind and body responds to and begins acting on almost immediately.

Hot Flash Tea does this by stimulating your brain and nourishing your body's own natural hormone production to help maintain feminine rhythm. Plant-based intervention, like Hot Flash Tea serves to reeducate the complex feedback loops between the brain and endocrine system. In this way, we are leveraging the power of natural medicine to heal.

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A New Approach

Hot Flash Tea is a new approach to women’s health that addresses the cause of menopause, not just the symptoms, by regulating the complex interaction between the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, the ovaries and the multiple hormones that are produced—GnRH, FSH, Estrogen, Progesterone—and interact in these areas.

The hypothalamus regulates the production of all these hormones and, in turn, is regulated by their hormonal changes. During perimenopause as these hormones surge up and down until the ovaries are out of eggs.

This fluctuation drives the changes in the brain that regulates temperature, which then causes hot flashes and night sweats. Hot Flash Tea helps regulate the hypothalamus by stabilizing the fluctuations and thereby reducing the occurrence of hot flushing and sweating.

Natural Ingredients

Vegan Free
Gluten Free
Chemical Free


improves nutritional absorption and toxin release



regulates brain/body temperature and promotes calm and mental clarity



balances hormones and improves sleep

Sweet Yams

stimulates feminine energy, while increasing circulation to your female organs

We use a blend of Gaba Tea and Herbs

Hot Flash Tea™ combines GABA tea and herbs to help provide significant relief from moderate-to-serve hot flashes due to menopause.*

Mastering the process of bringing you the healthiest, most natural tea we could find didn’t come easy. We traveled the world, bending the ears of tea experts and tea lovers all along the way. And we’ll admit it: We totally geeked out on the process.

This process included mastering the tea for hot flashes, skin beauty, restful sleep and pure happiness; using innovative techniques to fine-tune GABA levels; and combining choice herbs like scientists.

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