Hot Flash Triggers and What to Avoid During Menopause

Hot Flash Triggers and What to Avoid During Menopause

We all know the signs of a hot flash – the sudden rush of warm in our chest and the surging flush on our faces, and finally the perspiration along our hairlines. But we don’t always know what triggers them. If you suffer regularly from hot flashes, what you do during the day and night can unintentionally trigger them – from what you use to style your hair, what you choose to drink and eat, or even the time of day you exercise. Here are some common hot-flash triggers you might want to stop doing right away...

Do you know what really burns you up? And how to keep from overheating both inside and out? Here’s a few surprising hot flash triggers, plus simple tips for avoiding those embarrassing “menopausal moments”.


Hot Flash Trigger #1: Red Wine

I know, that beloved red wine you’re enjoying every evening may be just what’s turning you the color of Merlot. 

Why red wine: All alcoholic beverages cause some widening of blood vessels, which increases your body temperature and makes you feel warmer.

Pei Fix: Skip the wine and replace with a fruit based, iced beverage instead like cranberry juice with a soda water, now you have a spritzer.


Hot Flash Trigger #2: Spicy Foods

Think twice before you add that extra-hot salsa to your taco on date night, you don’t want to look “hot” in all the wrong ways.

Why spicy foods: Like alcohol, many spices and ingredients that give food their heat are vasodilation that expand your blood vessels. This is especially true of cayenne, chili powders and hot peppers, such as jalapenos, serranoes and habañeros. They all contain the heat-producing compound capsaicin. Foods that rate high on the heat scale can trigger sweating, flushing, and other symptoms of hot flashes.

Dr. Pei Fix: If you’re looking to add some kick to a bland dish, sprinkle on spices that provide flavor without as much heat, like smoke paprika, cumin, curry, turmeric, and basil.


Hot Flash Trigger #3: Hair Appliances

What woman doesn’t love styling her locks. But now your blow dryer and curling iron sends you into a daily meltdown.

Why hair appliances: Since most hair appliances use heat to create curls, waves and shiny locks, you’re bringing your temperature up every time you use them. Not to mention the bright lights around your bathroom mirror that add to your daily “heat wave.”

Dr. Pei Fix: Keep cool while styling your hair with a well-placed fan or stand on a wrapped icepack. With mouse and styling gels, try a more natural hairstyle that’s appliance-free.


Hot Flash Trigger #4: Processed Foods

I know, not my comfort foods, this is the only thing getting you through COVID-19.

Why Processed foods: Potato chips and cookies might taste good, but they’re usually high in sodium, loaded with added sugars, or both, which can make you retain water and feel bloated. Hot Flash Teatm can help alleviate symptoms associated with bloating.

Dr. Pei Fix: If you’re craving a snack, try a healthier alternative, like string cheese, carrots dipped in hummus, or a few whole-grain crackers with peanut butter — they’ll satisfy your need to nibble without filling you up with the symptom-trigger stuff.


Hot Flash Trigger #5: Clothing

That cute wool turtleneck looked great in the store, but now you need to stand in front of an open fridge every 5 minutes.

Why Certain Clothing: Heavy, tight or even warm clothing like wool – especially when made from “unbreathable” fabrics like nylon, spandex or polyester – keeps you toasty by preventing body heat from escaping through your skin. And overly warm skin leads to hot flashes.

Dr. Pei Fix: Stash those turtlenecks and nylon scarves in your closet until hot flashes are no longer an issue. Your new lifestyle should be layered, so you can remove pieces during the day or when needed. Look for more breathable fabrics like cotton. Suffer from night sweats? Sleep in exercise clothing designed to wick moisture away from skin. And swap that heavy comforter for several lighter blankets that can be removed as you warm up.


Hot Flash Teatm  is an all-natural supplement that is made from botanical ingredients such as This tea is formulated to help alleviate symptoms associated with menopause and perimenopause, including hot flashes, bloating and night sweats.


About Dr. Pei

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