Our Mission & Values (Test Site)

Our Mission

At Tea Botanics, we believe it is important to help people assume more responsibility for their health by creating a range of nutritional tea products that help the body survive, grow and flourish at all life stages. From puberty to menopause, from brain health to gastrointestinal disorders, we are using tea as innovative nutritional therapies. We strongly believe that the food and BEVERAGES we consume on a daily basis are the largest influences on our health.
We show up as people who use our own products to live inspired and healthy lives, and these values drive every decision we make. This is the secret to our success.


Our Values

At Tea Botanics, every product we offer goes through rigorous review and testing before we release it to the world. Behind our high standards are some company wide values.
  • Above all, do no harm to the environment or the body
  • Develop teas and services that support our customers at every stage of their lives.
  • Commit to integrity and transparency about how our products are developed and how they aid in health and wellness.