Our Story

woman sitting at desk writing in a notebook

We started Tea Botanics because we believe that tea is a gift from nature that provides an easy way for us to take better care of ourselves every day.

Denise Pines is a sales and marketing guru by day. She’s also a passionate health evangelist who is her posse’s go-to person when they feel unwell. So when this marathon runner struggled with insomnia and fatigue, she searched for a doctor with a unique expertise who also has a love for his patients.

Denise found that in Dr. Pei Vuong, known as Dr Pei. Dr. Pei is a detoxification specialist, herbal alchemist and all-around fascinating guy. Over time, these two natural innovators became friends.

One day while they were out together, Denise had an internal combustion meltdown (aka hot flash) right before her friend’s observant eyes. When Denise described what had just happened, Dr. Pei said, “You should try this magic tea.”

She was skeptical, but desperate. So she took the doc’s advice. Wow! The results were literally life-changing. In no time, Denise was sharing the “magical” Hot Flash Tea with all of her female friends, friends whose symptoms were far more debilitating than hers. In days, this tea helped them strengthen and harmonize every aspect of their physical, mental and emotional health. When they shared their own exceptionally positive results, she was awestruck by their stories.

Denise forwarded her friends’ and associates’ stories to Dr. Pei. That’s the minute they both realized the true power and potential of Hot Flash Tea.

Developing Hot Flash Tea; and getting it out into the world was the adventure of a lifetime. Both Denise and Dr. Pei knew to the core of their beings that it was worthwhile. They also knew that they would settle for nothing less than partners who shared their commitment to quality, integrity and sustainability.

After months of traveling to find the right farms and farmers, extensive testing to perfect their proprietary process and listening to feedback from women in test groups, Denise and Dr. Pei created Tea Botanics;, a wellness company committed to offering high-quality organic tea-based products.

Today we are thrilled to be sharing our products with you, to help you find the relief you’ve desperately needed to live a happy and healthy life once again.