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Plant-powered menopause care

Sometimes the most difficult problems are solved by Mother Nature

Did Menopause Take You by Surprise? I got me too!


Tea Botanics was birthed from my own experience with severe hot flashes and my desire to treat it naturally. 

I’m a runner, do triathlons, eat pretty well and my mom never experienced hot flashes so it wasn’t even on my radar that this could happen to me. But when it did, I realized I was like so many women who were blindsided by menopause and needed information that was often unavailable even from their own doctor, including treatment options. As a natural remedy seeker, I first went to my functional medicine doctor (Dr. Pei) who specializes in healing teas and we co-created Hot Flash Tea. Since then we’ve created more life stage products along with an active menopause community called WisePause Wellness (www.wisepause.com), where health experts share midlife wellness wisdom.
Co-founder & CEO, Tea Botanics


Developing Hot Flash Tea and getting it out into the world was the adventure of a lifetime. After a year of Denise and I traveling to find the right organic farms, performing extensive testing to perfect our proprietary process and listening to feedback from women in test groups, Tea Botanics became a wellness company committed to offering high-quality organic tea-based nutraceuticals for women as they age.

Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer, Tea Botanics



Tea Botanics offers age-wellness tea nutraceuticals for women that address body and brain health needs in the years leading up to and including menopause.

Our mission is to help people assume more responsibility for their health by creating a range of nutritional tea solutions that help the body survive, grow and flourish at all life stages. From puberty to menopause, from brain health to gastrointestinal disorders, we are using tea as self-help innovative nutritional therapies. We strongly believe that the food and BEVERAGES we consume on a daily basis are the largest influences on our health.


We show up as people who use our own products to live inspired and healthy lives and these values drive every decision we make. Every product we offer goes through rigorous review and testing before we release it to the world. Behind our high standards are some company-wide core values.

  •  Above all, do no harm to the environment or the body.
  •  Develop teas and services that support our customers at every stage of their lives.
  •  Commit to integrity and transparency about how our products are developed and how they aid in health and wellness.


    Everyone deserves to live a healthy and full life. To that end, “organic” is at the very soul of our core beliefs and our business. Organic not only refers to natural origins of the botanical plant, but also to the way it is cultivated, produced and processed. Organic agriculture is based on the system of farming that mimics natural ecosystems, thus maintaining and replenishing nutrients and the fertility of the soil. It uses natural ways of pest control, such as frogs, bats and plants with natural insect-repelling properties. It utilizes traditional, time-tested methods of processing. Therefore, organic products are free from harmful chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides.


    Unsurprisingly, there are few open tea fields suitable for producing organic tea plants. After a lot of research and traveling, we finally found a select few family-owned tea farms and cultivars that share our beliefs and philosophies. Located in the Nantou region of Taiwan, the farms are 100% organic through and through.

    The farmers practice a method of farming called no-till farming, better known as Holistic management. The farmers believe in nature’s way of growing crops from one year to the next. Before and after rainfall, they do not disturb the soil. They let the water infiltrate into the soil, creating a moss-like grass that increases organic matter retention and cycling of nutrients to produce the highest quality tea. It’s truly nature’s way. This not only enhances the flavor of the tea, it also eliminates the need for fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and other chemically enhanced farming practices.

    It’s amazing what happens when we let Mother Nature do her job. 



    Mastering the process of bringing you the healthiest, most natural tea we could find didn’t come easy. We traveled the world, bending the ears of tea experts and tea lovers all along the way. And we’ll admit it: We totally geeked out on the process. This process included mastering the tea for hot flashes, skin beauty, restful sleep and pure happiness; using innovative techniques to fine-tune GABA levels; and combining choice herbs like scientists.

    As a result, we now follow a five-point, doctor-inspired process that puts every aspect that contributes to the perfect tea under a microscope. This ensures you always get the best formulation and highest quality tea.


    We promise that Tea Botanics® will always provide tea-based products that are of the highest quality—100% organic and humanely and sustainably produced. Our tea is a tea you can trust. If we wouldn’t sip it with our family and friends, we wouldn’t sell it to you.

    With that in mind, we recognize that different people may have different results with our products. If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund you for the purchase price (less the cost of shipping and handling) for 45 days from date of purchase. Please contact us at returns@teabotanics.com to request a return form with instructions.

    We value your trust in us. Thank you for your business!

    In good health,

    Tea Botanics