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"I started feeling relief on the third day."

"I've been going through severe hot flashes for the past three years—a very uncomfortable situation when I'm at work. At night I wasn’t getting enough sleep due to waking up sweating. Dr. Pei prescribed Hot Flash Tea, and I started feeling relief on the third day! I recommend HOT FLASH TEA to anyone who is suffering from hot flashes."

Donna, 42

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"Finally, something safe to recommend to all my friends."

"HOT FLASH TEA has been my saving grace from hot flashes and night sweats. I recommend this product to all of my friends!"

Anne, 55

"I prayed and it works."

"I was having hot flashes every hour and they were so intense, it would take me five minutes to get back to my work only to know another one was coming. I prayed HOT FLASH TEA would work and it did. I take it every day and I now feel like my old self."

Debi, 52

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"I’m finally able to sleep."

"I was premenopausal and waking up many times during the night soaking in sweat. After drinking HOT FLASH TEA for a week, I noticed a difference. Now, a month later, I'm able to sleep without a pool of sweat waking me up. It’s a thing of the past!"

Annette, 51

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"I haven't had a hot flash in three months!"

"Until it happens to you, you have no idea. Your face and chest feel intensely hot, your skin reddens, you're soaked in sweat, then a cold chill follows. You wonder if you're going crazy. I tried over-the-counter herbal supplements with little success, so HOT FLASH TEA felt like a miracle. I finally felt like I could go to work without being layered up."

Denise, 49

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